A Rejection of Things Commonly Adored and an Indulgence of Self

*Drawing Credits go to Michelle Seres*

“Why do we focus so much energy on money?”

“We need it to pay the bills, buy food and pay rent.”

“So you are saying that we need this man-made object to pay for a system crafted by man? Might that system be in place just to acquire more of the first man-made object, since it seems to be desired so?”

“You think our bills were created by other people just so they can make money?”


“Please elaborate on this claim. Clarify your statement so that I may come to understand your strange position.”

“Housing is akin to shelter; one of the three basic elements required to support life, correct?”


“This concept is not new; indeed, it is quite old, ancient even. So why do we pay a fee to partake in this ancient idea? Is the fee something of a tax; a renting of the concept of “shelter” from the grand deity that rules over us all? Is it a tax to the government hounds? Or perhaps is this fee directed to the pocket books of the wealthy?”

“First, I will say that when one pays their rent they are paying their landlord for usage of their property. This is the simple answer that anyone would say. Second, I will say that the payment is not a malicious barrage or assault by the landlord, rather it is a small request for the consumer to pay for the use of the landlord’s product. These folks only wish to make a living, and to do so they have chosen to rent their rooms.”

“Ah. Let’s discuss your first point and come back to the second one later. Do you believe that the concept of bills was constructed for wealthy men to acquire more money?”

“Quite possibly my friend. But what about the selling of goods at a store? The shopkeeper is only trying to make a living.”

“Then why are some products over priced? Why are goods priced ten or more times their production cost?”

“The shopkeeper has to pay for numerous things. Prices must account for the cost of product, wages, rent, lighting and other miscellaneous fees. Then, the shopkeeper still must make a profit.”

“Does that justify the substantial rise of prices?”

“Certainly not.”

“Could there be another motive for a business owner to raise their prices?”


“Perhaps, but still why are the prices excessive before the invention of inflation?”

“The relentless and frantic craving of money.”

“Ah yes, but are we victims of greed or has the unregulated system of currency allowed for this?”


“Perhaps this system was not fashioned with the intent of inflating the pocket books of misers and capitalists. What if the tradition of currency was forged because it is easier than trading goods for services and vice versa?”

“That theory appears sound.”

“So then, money would not be the problem it seems to be. It is simply a modern rendition of an older tradition.”

“Then is this tradition the problem?”

“I think not. If it were, wouldn’t have bartering become a problem?”

“Perhaps. But how might trading goods for goods or services for goods become an issue on par with our obsessive devotion to money?”

“Is our greed for money rooted with the money itself?”

“Do you mean with the physical dollar bills?”


“I would think not.”

“Exactly my thought. I am inclined to believe that our obsession with money comes from the items we may acquire with money.”

“And likewise, you believe that if one traded goods for goods or services for goods, they would still have the same greed and desire to own the goods, rather than the items or services they traded.”

“That is exactly my thought.”

“May we return to my second point; that asking for payment of a good or service is not a vicious request.”

“Indeed we shall. I do not believe that asking one to pay for a good is unquestionable; I merely wish to inject the idea that money is not the only option one has when partaking in the economic cycle.”

“Certainly that is true; however, money is generally the only form of currency accepted.”

“Isn’t that such a sad fact?”

“That money is the primary form of currency?”


“I suppose.”

“It is such a limiting and controlling force, money that is. It corrupts the hearts of our politicians and business leaders. It grips our souls; breaking them and twisting them in violent and perverse directions. It alludes to a brighter future full of warmth and color; but money amassed by greed cannot give us these riches. Only our passions can bring these treasures to our sides.”

“Well said. And what are these passions you speak of? How might a passion make one feel glee when money cannot? Money buys shiny items, schooling and the basic necessities of life!”

“Passions of the heart cannot be bought; however, they could be endorsed and funded by money. In light of this revelation, I suppose in our time, money might be considered a necessary evil. If money buys the tools needed to pursue one’s passions; then money may indeed be the key to one tasting the limits of their passion.”

“Then in your words; one would need their man-made object to feel their hearts greatest joy.”

“And that is an atrocity.”

“Money is required for one to sample independence as well.”

“What do you mean by independence?”

“The ability to care for the individuals you care for the most without assistance from another.”

“Money is the only way to purchase food, water and shelter.”

“How remarkable of a culture have we assembled? In our grand construction one is required to trade their services for a special object so they can purchase the basic elements required to live.”

“It seems the easy solution to the problem of currency is to simply eliminate the purchasing step.”

“And that would eradicate many jobs; depriving thousands of folks of their food water and shelter.”

“And that is the horrendous cycle of a thing so commonly adored; the fabricated need to acquire money so we may only survive.”

“We focus so much time and energy on obtaining money; and money does not breed happiness, color or warmth. These wonderful treats lie with our passions; but to reach them, we must pay a great fee.”

“Should one not just apply a sufficient amount of energy on reaching these passions? Would determination, time and sacrifice allow one to reach such a goal?”

“Well said my friend. I agree with that. However, is it absurd for one to begin such a venture? Is the inauguration of an indulgence of self truly a worthy idea, given the environment of our time?”

“I believe if one truly desires to indulge in their passions and relish in the flavor of the independent spirit they ought to be ready to forgo all they know. If one seeks to catch even a glimpse of their potential, I would think that one would be willing to secede from the realm of universal and commonplace ideas.”

“I could not agree more.”


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