Once upon a time, the future was mine.

I thought it was a sign from the divine.

But instead it was a lie.

So I guess this is goodbye.


The pictures of my past haunt all my days,

leaving me covered in a damaged haze.

Can’t move forward and can’t stand still.

So, I guess I’ll swallow another pill.


And so I sit here in this room alone,

Consistently starring at my stupid phone.

I imagine the conversations we shared

and cry when I remember how you cared.

And when I find my way back to this home,

I’m reminded that I am alone.


I tell myself that I’m not stuck in the past,

but I’m running out of reasons why fast.

I wish I knew what’ll happen when I reach the brink.

But who cares, I’ll just grab another glass and drink.

Just know it’s not you I want to forget.

It’s the massive veins of pain and regret.


Once upon a time, I thought the future was mine.

But I found nothing is promise or sign…

And so I stand here alone in this room.

So saturated with dark and gloom.

I prayed that I wouldn’t be alone,

But you’ll never answer your goddamn phone.


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