Love and Bliss

With those star crossed eyes, she drooled love and perfection.

Sadly she was lost in his lies of sex and obsession.

He fed off her insecure dreams of hope and rejection,

while she choked on tears and fucking depression.

She wanted the life he would never give,

But without him she could never live.


All she wanted a little love and bliss,

and in the end he gave her none of this.

So why do you think she went and cut her wrists?

Go, ask him why he stole her love and bliss.


She bore the scars of violent abuse and troubled aggression,

while daddy offered silent stares and awful questions.

Her eyes were a bloody red but her heart was strong,

lies were often and she didn’t see them as wrong.

She found a little relief in her sinful desire,

and labeled her daddy as a fucking liar.


She fell in love with the words of a liar,

Selling herself in a tangle and spire.

Pretty phrases dressed with an enchanting smile,

She changed herself to match his swagger and style.

She had become another tragedy, bleeding despair,

Feeding on nasty vibes she knew no one would care.

Alone and misplaced she trusted the words of a liar.

Thrusting herself into another tangle and spire.


All she ever craved was a little love and bliss.

But in the end no one gave her any of this.

So why do you think she cried and slit her wrists?

Go, ask him why he lied away her love and bliss.

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