Sweet Sweet Jessica

*Art credit go to my sweet sweet wife, Michelle

Melvin stared into Jessica’s eyes with lust. He ran his tongue along her arm. Sensual feelings radiated through her arm as his tongue traced her skin. Naughty thoughts flowered in her mind as he kissed her hand. She craved his touch, his kiss, and his warmth.

“Do you like when I touch your skin baby?” Melvin whispered.

“Oh yes,” Jessica purred. Melvin dug his nails into her back, scratching her skin as he kissed her lips.

“Melvin! Don’t do that or we’ll be doing it on the first date,” Jessica squeaked, her cheeks lighting up with a hint of crimson.

“Oh really?” Melvin smiled kissing Jessica’s neck softly.

“Yes,” Jessica said trying to resist Melvin and his sweet yet seductive kisses.

“Melvin please,” Jessica whispered as Melvin bit into her neck gently, tugging on her skin.

“Melvin! We have to stop,” Jessica said trying to pull herself away from him; but she could not. She knew she wanted this, even if she shouldn’t, she knew she couldn’t resist him much longer. Melvin ignored her demand and kept tugging on her skin; turning Jessica on even more.

“Melvin…I can’t hold out much longer,” Jessica breathed.

“I can’t either,” Melvin smiled pulling away from her.

“Then let’s go inside,” Jessica whispered in his ear seductively.

“If you insist,” Melvin said opening the car door. He led Jessica into the rain. It tumbled out of the sky, soaking both of them. Melvin held Jessica’s hand as he led her inside his home.

Once inside they exchanged passionate kisses as they removed their wet clothing, tossing it carelessly onto the floor as they made their way into Melvin’s bedroom. Jessica stood before Melvin nearly naked as rain dropped from her short dark hair. Melvin’s eyes traced her body examining every curve and patch of skin she had revealed. He had to hold himself back when she questioned him about the bathroom.

“Across the living room on the left,” He said politely. His body begged her to stay. It begged for him to ask her to lie down and submit to his rule. But he held his tongue as she made her way to the bathroom. As she walked Melvin stared at her back, he watched the beads of water run downward along her skin. Naughty thoughts came to flower in his mind as he watched her walk away. Desires and urges filled his being as he waited impatiently. A craving rumbled deep within his being, stinging his body with a blast of hunger. Sinful ideas crept in his mind; wiggling their way around and spreading their message.

“Hey there sexy,” Jessica said walking back into the bedroom and closing the door slowly. She wore a twisted smile as she turned the lock. The sound of the bolt clicking into its slot dominated the small room. The simple act changed the atmosphere of the bedroom; it sealed the two young people off from world. It isolated them in their own world of anticipation and pleasure.

A grin grew across Melvin’s face as Jessica glided across the floor toward him. She rocked her hips back and forth gently, capturing Melvin’s gaze. His eyes tracked her motion, which charmed him even more. Jessica’s body moved gracefully as she sashayed across the floor. Her hands glided up her legs, over her wet skin. With every move she made Melvin could feel the torment building inside his chest. He could feel the pressure growing as she slowly made her way to him. The time has come he thought.

“Tell me how you like it big boy,” Jessica said crawling onto the bed and pushing Melvin on his back. “Tell momma what you crave.”

Melvin smiled as Jessica leaned over him. She brushed her lips against his; teasing his aching body with her warmth. She pressed her lips against his bare chest, tracing an invisible path down his body. Her fingers twisted their way into his short curly hair, pulling on it.

“I want you,” he breathed softly.

“How do you want me?” Jessica asked pushing Melvin into the bed. Her lips danced around on his stomach, easing lower on his torso.

“I need you,” Melvin said skipping around the question.

“Oh baby, I need you too. But how are we going to do this?” Jessica asked crawling up and lying next to Melvin. “How do you want momma? Tell me baby.”

Melvin smiled and reached into the bedside table, retrieving a pair of red fuzzy handcuffs.

“Cuff yourself to the head board doll,” Melvin ordered.

“Yes master,” Jessica teased as she cuffed herself to the bed. “Now what master?”

“I’m going to punish you,” Melvin whispered into Jessica’s ear. He gingerly bit her ear lobe as he spoke, stimulating her nerves with endorphins.

“Oh yes, I have been very bad lately,” Jessica hissed.

“Oh I know,” Melvin said running the tip of his tongue along her cheek. “You have been a rotten little girl.”

“Oh Melvin sweetie,” Jessica giggled. “I can’t take this foreplay much longer.”

“But I thought you wanted to be punished?” Melvin asked dragging one of his fingers across her stomach.

“I do baby. I need a naughty punishment for my naughty deeds,” Jessica stated as Melvin ran his finger in a circle on her skin.

“And I want your skin,” Melvin traced his tongue along her ear as he whispered seductively.

“You what?” Jessica asked jerking herself away from Melvin.

“I want your skin,” Melvin smiled forcing Jessica on her back.

“What the fuck is your problem?  Get off me!” she cried.

“I must have your gorgeous skin Jessica,” Melvin said kneeling on her and holding her hands against his head board. “I must taste your skin. I want to fillet your beautiful skin. Then I will fry you up and indulge.”

“What the fuck?” Jessica yelled struggling to get free.

“Hey Jessica. Sweet sweet Jessica; hush now. I just want to fry your skin, that’s all. I don’t want to kill you baby. I just need a little bit of your flesh; it looks so delicious,” Melvin said softly. He traced imaginary lines on her forearm with his fingertips as he spoke. His voice flowed in quiet manner; slithering its way from his tongue to her ears. Jessica wiggled and thrashed about as Melvin turned toward the table bedside the bed.

“Now, if you keep tossing yourself around like that I’m going to have to knock you out: safety first,” he cackled grabbing his filleting knife from the table. “Don’t make me get rough with you Jessica! I don’t want to have to knock you out. I don’t wanna hurt you! I only want a little flesh.”

Jessica stopped moving and nodded. Melvin smiled and quickly tied a rag around her mouth while she was docile.

“Now, bite down on that rag when I make my cuts. It’ll help a lot,” Melvin advised. Jessica tensed up as he spoke. She knew that she should fight back. She knew that she should try to get free. And she knew that she shouldn’t give in to his wishes. But she knew she couldn’t escape if she was handcuffed to the headboard. Nor did she believe she could escape if he had a knife. So Jessica came to the conclusion she ought to lie still and allow the crazy bastard to cut some meat off her arm. Jessica relaxed and allowed her free arm to go limp.

“Good Jessica. Now this might sting a little,” Melvin said slicing his knife into the meat on Jessica’s forearm. As Melvin’s blade pierced Jessica’s skin her world was flooded with a black tar, which pulled her into an unconscious realm filled with agonizing and terrific phantoms.

Jessica woke up the next morning, still mostly naked and hand cuffed to Melvin’s bed. As she came out of her trance, she recalled what had happened to her. She struggled to look at her forearm, however both of them were covered with bandages. At least he bandaged me up. Jessica thought relaxing. And then it occurred to her that Melvin wasn’t going to let her leave. She was in his home. She’d seen his face. She knew too much information for him to allow her to leave.

“Jessica! My darling Jessica, how did you rest?” Melvin asked walking into the bedroom. He carried a plate of food in each of his hands.

“Fine,” she breathed trying not to smell his food.

“Would you like some bacon?” Melvin asked softly. Jessica jerked her head back quickly as a disgusted look flashed across her face. “Oh don’t think that! I wouldn’t make you eat your own flesh.”

Hesitantly Jessica took a plate and was glad to see there was no bacon; however, there was sausage. Who’s that from? Jessica pondered pushing the sausage off to the side.

“However, I am eating Jessica bacon right now,” Melvin laughed showing Jessica his plate of bacon and eggs. Jessica screamed and slide backwards on the bed.

“Jessica, my love, don’t be afraid of me,” Melvin smiled setting his plate on the bedside table. “Don’t be afraid of me. I’m not going to hurt you doll.”

Jessica tried to focus and think rationally. She tried to calm her. However, she found it difficult to think at all after hearing what Melvin had just told her. He is sick! Fucking sick! Jessica thought covering herself up with a small blanket.

“Why me?” Jessica asked sliding her semi-naked body under the little blanket.

“Because you have immaculate skin. It is so beautiful and soft; I just wanna touch it,” Melvin cooed reaching for her hand. Jessica jerked herself away from Melvin. “You don’t want me to touch you doll? Why not?”

“You filleted me! And stole my flesh! What would make me want to let you touch me anymore?” Jessica cried sliding herself against the head board.

“Because we have a real connection. Last night would have been magical if my urges didn’t get in the way. Now Jessica please, just let me feel your skin,” Melvin said inching toward Jessica. Melvin’s finger tips brushed against her toes, sending shivers along the length of her body.

“Why do you want to eat my skin if it’s so beautiful?” Jessica asked shaking.

“Because I crave the taste; and yours looks so appetizing,” Melvin said crawling closer. “Even right now all I want to do is sink my teeth into your skin and savor the juicy flavor hidden beneath your gorgeous skin.”

Melvin moved his hand up Jessica’s foot and onto her leg. He rubbed his palm against her leg, his eyeballs rolled back into his skull as he felt the smoothness of her skin.

“It feels so good my sweet sweet Jessica,” Melvin whimpered with pleasure.

“Are you going to kill me?” Jessica asked as Melvin sat next to her. She could feel his body heat warming her bare skin.

“Kill you? Why would I kill you? I haven’t enjoyed you yet,” Melvin smiled as his hand crept further up her leg. “I do so ever want to enjoy you Jessica; I want to enjoy this slender body of yours one piece at a time.”

Fear and sadness pummeled Jessica’s mind with perverse images of Melvin raping her and abusing her. Her eyes began to grow red as she thought about the possibilities.

“Are you going to rape me?” she asked trying not to cry.

“Rape you? No. I intend to harvest your meat and share it with my colleagues. You see Jessica, I am part of an exclusive club of individuals who crave the ideals of the darkest variety,” Melvin whispered. Jessica’s eyes grew wide as Melvin moved his face toward hers. He poked his tongue out of his mouth and ran it along her cheek, leaving a slimy trail behind.

“They’re coming over tonight for dinner Jessica,” Melvin cackled slamming her head into the wall.

As Jessica lay unconscious on the bed Melvin lowered his body next to hers. He sniffed her arm, inhaling the alluring aroma of her carefully manicured skin. His eyes rolled back in his head as he touched his tongue against her skin once more. Sweet sweet Jessica, how I long to taste your flesh and drink your blood. Oh sweet sweet Jessica how I need you. Melvin thought grabbing his fillet knife from the bedside table.


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