Sweet Sweet Peaches

*Art credit go to Michelle Seres*

“Oh darlin’, pop a few cubes in there for Peaches,” Leeroy Peaches ordered. Lola obeyed dropping two ice cups in Peaches’ glass.

“Why thank you darlin’. Peaches thanks ya,” Leeroy said tipping his baseball cap. Leeroy Peaches was a well-built man. He stood roughly six feet tall with a pair of broad, tanned and toned shoulders. He wore his favorite shirt that night; a brown t-shirt with a Georgia peach stitched on the front.

“Anytime,” Lola responded from behind the bar. “Anything else I can do for ya Peaches?”

“Well darlin’,” Peaches said tilting his head. “If you need a real man in your life.”

“Oh really now? Why should you be the real man in my life and not one of these other players?” Lola asked crossing her arms.

“Because Peaches is no player. I’m a real lover,” Leeroy said sipping on his drink. “Really? So you say I should let you ravage me because you’re good at it?” Lola said softly. Peaches needs you Lola. Peaches needs to ravage you and devour you. Peaches needs your body. Leeroy thought. Peaches needs to feel your warm, tender skin brushing against his.

“What other reason do you need?” Leeroy said trying to conceal his urges.

“Give me one big reason,” Lola whispered. She winked at Leeroy and scanned up and down his body. Darling Lola, my pet, I have a reason for ya. Leeroy thought. “What do you do for a living Peaches?”

“Peaches does what Peaches does. I recently came into a large amount of money from my late mother. She was a mother bitch if I’d ever seen one. But she was loaded,” Leeroy said taking a seat. He sipped his drink and smiled at Lola. He needed the liquor to conceal his jerky movements and impulsive attitude. Moreover, he needed it to cover up his unquenchable urges.

“Oh really?” Lola said leaning over the bar. She changed her voice to a lower, more seductive octave. “Does Peaches like to do it anywhere?”

“Oh yes darlin’. Peaches does. Peaches does it anywhere,” the man whispered downing the rest of his alcohol. A large smile crossed his lips as he gazed into Lola’s eyes.

“Anywhere Master Peaches?” Lola bite her lip and pushed her chest out.

“Mmm. Peaches like,” Leeroy stated. He had to force himself to resist his impulses. He had to make himself relax and not grab Lola and take control of her.

“There’s a manager’s office in the back,” Lola teased more. She bit the corner of her lip as she spoke.

“When can we step back there?” Peaches asked leaning on the bar. He was intoxicated by Lola’s essence. Every ounce of his being was devoted to viewing her beauty. Mmm Peaches likes. Peaches really likes. Leeroy thought to himself. Oh yes. Yes, Peach really likes when you do that. Mmm, bite your lip for Peaches!

“Anytime big boy,” Lola said walking out from behind the bar. Her slender body was wrapped in a black tank top and a pair of dark skinny jeans. Two nautical red and black stars were tattooed on her hips. These tiny gems poked out from her jeans with each step, nearly showing themselves and teasing the world. An orange tiger lily was inked on her left shoulder. The pedals and leaves snaked their way along her arm and spilled onto her chest. Peaches wants to know if she has more tattoos. Peaches likes tattoos.

“Darlin’, darlin’…my darlin’ Lola,” Peaches sang as she led the pair to the office.

“You have a cute voice Peaches,” Lola said opening the door and turning on the lights. The office was small, cluttered and dusty. But there was a large, neatly constructed desk in the center of the room.

“Oh this is a lovely spot here. Just exquisite,” Leeroy laughed setting his ball cap on a filing cabinet.

“Why don’t you show me what you have hidden under your shirt Peaches,” Lola requested sitting herself on top of the desk.

“My darlin’ Lola, you aren’t in charge here,” Leeroy said with a sly smile.

“Oh. I’m not?” Lola asked. “What am I then?”

“You are my delightful prisoner,” Leeroy said stepping closer to Lola.

“Am I?” Lola said pulling a knife from her waist band and thrust it into Leeroy’s stomach.

“Darlin’ please,” Leeroy whispered in surprise. Lola’s face was inches away from Leeroy’s. She cocked her head to one side and grinned at Leeroy. Her lips nearly stretched from ear to ear.

“Oh, I will be pleased darlin’. Don’t worry,” Lola hissed into his ear. She retrieved her blade and slashed his chest. Blood poured from the knife wound, decorating the floor with a deep crimson hue.

Leeroy dropped to his knees with his hands anchored to his stomach. However, his efforts were in vein. Lola giggled and pushed him onto his back. Then she lowered herself on to him, so she was straddling his withering body.

“Don’t worry Peaches. There will be some ravaging going on tonight,” Lola bit his ear as she whispered. His eyes grew wide as he struggled to stop his stomach from bleeding.

“Don’t worry darlin’,” she whispered unbuttoning his pants. Lola pulled Leeroy’s pants down. Her eyes doubled in size when she peeled back his boxers.

“What the hell are you doing?” Leeroy spat. Blood splattered from his lips as he spoke.

“I like your goods big fella,” Lola asked gently touching Leeroy’s leg.

“Don’t fuckin’ touch my peaches you crazy bitch!” Leeroy yelled.

These peaches” Lola asked tickling Leeroy’s “peaches”.

“What the fuck?” Leeroy asked as Lola massaged his goods.

“I have special tastes Peaches,” Lola admitted pursing her lips. She kissed his stomach, just below the knife wound.

“What?” Leeroy groaned. His muscles tensed up as she lapped up some blood that had escaped.

“I like sucking off guys, as they die,” Lola whispered dragging her finger down Leeroy’s lips. “Then later, I love dining on their tender flesh.”

“Wha…dead…fuck,” Leeroy uttered.

“Mmm yes baby,” Lola said leaning down on Leeroy’s peaches.

As Lola indulged in her desires Leeroy felt his blood leaking through his fingers. He could feel his life drain from his body as Lola played with his most special and personal parts. Her actions and slow motions threated to arouse him. Despite his critical state, he felt turned on. Part of him wanted to give in and allow Lola pleasure herself with his body. Peaches hurts! Oh god Peaches hurts. And this Lola bitch is playing with my peaches! MY peaches!

“Oh Peaches don’t get limp on me now baby,” Lola begged. “I need you big boy. I have needs!”

“Go to hell,” Leeroy said holding up his middle finger. Lola giggled and grabbed her knife.

“You aren’t a real man after all Leeroy. You can’t even keep it up for a few minutes, I can’t believe I was going to let you in. Ha! I’ll just take these with me and leave you here to squirm and shit,” Lola said fondling his peaches. Leeroy’s eyes widened as she squeezed him. “They’ll make a good breakfast in the morning; I have some friends coming over.”

The second Lola’s blade sliced into Leeroy’s flesh he passed out, leaving his body for her to play with and ravage. Lola worked quickly to remove all of the pieces of Leeroy she wanted. After she carved him up, and took all she wanted, she left him broken, defiled and bleeding. There he was to wither in his blood and piss until he died.

“Hey Melvin, send the boys over to the bar. There’s a body in the office that’s ours,” Lola spoke into her phone as she walked out of the bar.

“Will do,” Melvin responded. “I picked up some bacon tonight, did you get the sausage and eggs?”

“Yes I did,” Lola smiled getting into her car. “Breakfast at the club house tomorrow morning?”

“Indeed,” Melvin laughed.

One comment

  1. Patricke- this story was Clive Barker meets True Blood. I like the way your mind works. I thought Peaches was going to be the one with a strange proclivity. Au contraire, I was wrong! This was dark but you held my interest. I don’t mind the shadows. Keep writing!


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