Laugh and Grin

I’m lost without your grace,

so fuck this wretched place.

I just wanna remember how to feel again,

I wanna know what it’s like to laugh and grin.

But I’m choking in this fractured light,

and bathing in the depths of night.

The knives are calling out my name,

begging they wanna feel the pain.

These needles and pins populate my skin,

while sadness is sung by the violins.

I just wanna remember what it’s like to feel again.

I want my heart to know how to laugh and grin.


I’m feeling so dead in here,

God has disappeared.

I’m feeling lost and alone in here,

my mind is foggy and unclear.

I’m screaming that I don’t wanna care,

because I have no love left to share.

My damaged wings were broken by words never spoken.

So I’m lost and cold once again,

simply praying you’ll forgive my sin.

But I don’t wanna care anymore,

love was shoved out the door.

I just wanna remember what life’s like again,

but I no longer have a reason to smile and grin.


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