Veteran’s Chrome

A simple flight in a single night.

Memories of the awful plight.

The red eye planes are taking us home,

but we’re covered in a veteran’s chrome.


We’ve been inflicted with the deadliest disease,

we all caught the bug on our tours overseas.

Invisible tot he untrained and naked eye,

our souls are blackened and want to die.


Death and destruction are now our song.

For our innocence is long dead and gone.
We’ve experience the violence of war’s pool,

and we’re just kids barely outta high school.


No parades or banners for our victory.

Just politicians speaking contradictory.

Lies are their explanations,

no truth for our operations.

They wanna make you believe it was all for the oil,

but their lie is overdone and its been spoiled.


For our troubles they lie and kick us down.

Prating we take it without a sound.

No benefits or endearing helpful cards,

just a shove and a heart that’s scarred.


We were scared by death to protect our home,

we’ve been covered by the veteran’s chrome.

A walking liability, we’re screwed:

the simple truth is we were all used.


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