I Welcome all Your Hate

I debate at least once a week (with myself) about ending my attempt to establish myself as a writer; generally I have this debate with myself on Tuesdays in case you wondered. I never think that my writing is good enough to “help take me somewhere”, whatever the hell that means. I don’t want a lot from my writing, just enough money to pay the bills and eat. So far, all signs indicate that I’ll never come close to being able to eat, should I stay on this path.
Last Tuesday I didn’t have this debate, instead I had one regarding the topics I should write on. I want to write about heated political issues that bring out the passion in people. I want to voice my opinion and critique other people’s opinions. But somehow, I feel that this is only going to piss people off or generate more “hate”; neither which brings solutions to the table.
So now, I ask myself: do I continue writing about heated topics knowing that I am going to piss people off and inspire people to pen ugly and upsetting comments. Of course I do, for two reasons. The first reason is that people have to learn how to “air out their thoughts”.  The quote at the top of my blog is from one of my favorite philosophers, John Stuart Mill. Mill argued that “silencing the expression of opinion…robs the human race” (1). He also said that if we silence people’s opinions we are potentially losing out on truth. And this is why I welcome the criticism and hate that I am bound to receive.
In continuing to follow my dream, I am not allowing people to have power over me. I would be granting them a hold over my actions if I allowed them to dictate what I write or think; especially when I have reasoning to back up my thoughts and opinions while they are lacking reasoning and unbiased information.
1) On Liberty page 31; John Stuart Mill


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