We Sit, We Wait (Behind Our Walls)



We sit. We wait. We scroll. We amble through the world as nature twists on just beyond the walls. We scroll past this and that while the workers march about, twirling their hearts to the boss man’s call. We scroll through posts and comments and seldom offer an opinion or word. In the work spaces we churn and bask in the orders of our bosses greed. We scroll through the world as life evolves beyond our walls. We sit and we wait for our life to mature and develop; somewhere out there beyond our walls.

Beyond our walls we shall never see, for out there is nowhere to be!

We sit. We wait. We work. We labor under the rule of our boss and we sweat under their snapping whip. We pillage our minds and forsake our hearts; because our duty is to please the boss man and silence our personality. We are meant to carve away our desires and cast out all wishes. In the mind of a worker there is no room for silly gimmicks or dreams; we are only here to labor away. Our bodies are strapped with a pressed uniform and our minds are bleached of all individual information. We become one with our fellow employee as we swing our hammer and grind out the rust. We press rivets and blast out mountains; we are the workers and we are one. We workers build up our nation. We workers tame nature’s tangle. We workers forge our buildings, construct our cars and manufacture our homes. We work to afford our lifestyle and culture.

Beyond our walls we shall never be, for out there is nothing to see!

We sit. We wait. We shop. We scroll through the shopping malls, buying up goods and necessities with a click and a tap. We scroll around the Net, buying clothing and shoes. We scroll on this website and exit out from that website. We scroll through the virtual stores and order the goods we need to sustain our new lifestyle. The world revolves faster now, curling ‘round tighter and quicker. Out beyond our walls in the dark and cold, the malls and shops dwindle. All the buildings remain naked, vacant and useless. These behemoths cannot run into their homes and hide, so they rot on the city block. These shattered husks cling to life so they can remind us of their pain and abandonment. But we just sit and wait. We scroll around and tap on our phone.


We need not worry of the damaged folks of foreign lands

We need not worry of the damage done by our hands


We sit. We wait. We believe. We scroll through the news, catching glimpses beyond our walls. We see glints of cultures so far removed from our own. We see news reels of people in the streets and in their homes. We see other people of the world living in peace until brutality besieges their villages and towns. Peace spoils into bullets and war. And we see footage of people running and shooting. We witness the fighting and we hear of the carnage. We see bombed out buildings, bloodied faces and broken bodies of men, women and children. Sometimes the earth is scorched with our apathy as we let innocence be smothered in its sleep. Sometimes we tarnish the world, spill children’s blood and smear it on the buildings. Through all of these videos we become a groomed monster. We are invaded by a peculiar brand of fear that reduces us to anxiety. We cast out rationality and reason for the hope they sell us. Repulsive notions come into bloom in our hearts, sprouting further evil in the darkest corners of our minds. Fear slashes at our minds, censoring what remains of our reason. And thus, a corrosive ideology is born.


All uncertainty lies beyond our walls

All uncertainty lies beyond our halls



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