Goodbye Darling

Knock knock mother fucker are you even home?

Of course not you’ve gone and left me alone.

Gone off to party with some hookers and hoes,

Gone off to play where the green grass grows.

Drink and celebrate all you wish,

cuz I’m done pretending this is bliss.

Don’t text me now or write me that letter,

Silent separation is always better.

Goodbye my darling, this is the end.


I’m breathing but I’m choking on the words you spoke,

and I’m leaving behind all the memories we co-wrote.

I’m moving on but I’m slipping on the lies your spread,

And I’m breathing but I choke on the promises you said.

So I’ll return to my same old same,

leaving you to play your selfish game.

I listened to my friends annoying voices,

pleading me to change my course of choices.

They whispered apologies and hints

and offered sympathy in text and prints.

My dreams died in your world of shadow and pain.

All because you valued greed and selfish gain.



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