Talking Without Rifles and Fists

Perhaps now is an ideal time to express our opinions and talk about both the beautiful and ugly flairs of passion and malice. With this addition of conversation, focused on our terrible passions, we would have the opportunity to rid our society and culture of such vicious notions. Conversation would also grant us some time so we can erect favorable and constructive ideals that will help further our progress as the collection sees fit. Without gathering together deliberating in a civil fashion, change won’t become part of the conversation. Change will come once we have dismantled the wretched thoughts that have taken residence deep within our minds. Change will come once we cast out the rotten ideals that we, as a whole, no longer see as just. But we, as a whole, must join together in conversation first. Only then can we begin to deliberate and only then can change become part of the conversation.

In times of duress, we ought to resort to issuing complaints with our tongues, rather than our rifles and fists. If we offered our objections to one another at gun point, the person without a weapon will be compelled to agree with the aggressor, no matter their argument or facts. Complaints issued with violence are tarnished. Once a complaint is tarnished it is more difficult to bring the complaint back into the light and issue it properly, because people will constantly be reminded of the tarnish the complaint was first drafted in. It is imperative that we offer our grievances each other, in addition to the Powers-That-Be. Without their help, change may never come. We must offer our criticism to our Elected Officials. Again, without their help, change may never come. We cannot give these charges in a manner that is violent, because the Elected Officials and Powers-That-Be will respond in kind; and then, change will not come. In a time where atrocities are common and stress is universal, we ought to issue our complaints with our tongues and pens and never with our rifles and fists.



  1. I think you have made some valid points, Patrick. We need to have a dialogue. Unfortunately, I find that people would rather hide behind social media and spew invective than actually try and resolve the situation. The opportunity is there for us to work together. We just have to be willing to take it.


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