Hello Everyone, its me: Michelle!

First, I suppose, I should say hello! Patrick and I are combining our strengths and posting all of our (wonderful?) creative endeavors on his blog. I have a blog of my own that is mostly vacant and bare since I neglect to upload anything until he finally nags me into posting one or two things. To start off my posts on here, I figured that I would share some pictures of one of my favorite people: my lovely (and impossibly dorky) boyfriend!

Patrick and I have been dating for a little over two years and we finally (sort of, kind of) got professional pictures taken. Sure, we’ve taken tons of selfies (when he lets me!) and stood awkwardly still for his mom to snap a picture. However, we did had did not ask anyone else to take pictures of us until earlier this month. His sister took these photos after I had taken some of her kids. I will post some of her kids later on. Since they are my test subjects, you will probably see them on here a lot! Anyway, these are some great pictures of my love and I that I wanted to share with you.



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