A Second’s Breath

Pain so fine and effective
It transforms us, making us defective
A conglomeration of stagnation and solitude
Stripping us of all, leaving us nude
Unanswered questions written in the promises of yesterday
Oh the wonders of the men we pretend we are and lies we portray
A missing resolution matched with a perfect crime
All revolving around the ticking of time
Suffering the curse of the human disease
Marching on begging and chiming: please
Misconstrued or misdirected, we’re all lost and not directed
At the mercies of God and nature our prayers ask to be protected
Bound by a simple connection we all know and share
An inner force jumps forth and urges us to care
Three words spoken far and few between
Utterly softly most do not know what they mean
A lovely resolution so fine and effective
Hearts and tears beat in a rhythm that’s collective
Beauty not known this far from the depths of the soul
All seems lost as the tears begin to slide and roll
Forgotten by the stirring of the mornings coming call
We’re victims of life’s nagging protocol
So here we are on the edge of the beginnings end
Wishing there was a lasting pool that would simply mend
Asking for a seconds breath in the space of an hours time
We’re simply human and conspirators of this crime


  1. Your despair at the human condition resonates deeply, Patrick. With everything that has been going on lately, I have begun to lose faith in people. Maybe it is up to the scientists and artists to try and get this world back on track. Keep using your voice. It will be heard.


  2. I love the line “we are on the edge of the beginnings end” . Also love, “asking for a seconds breath in the space of an hours time” . Well written.


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