Raindrops anyone?

As a few of you may know, I like to take nature pictures. Clouds, trees, flowers, grass; you name it and I probably have a picture of it or will soon capture it. Today’s post happens to feature raindrops. Honestly, who doesn’t love rain? It is relaxing, romantic and calming.


I took these last summer in the backyard. As a general rule, I don’t edit my pictures. However, I can’t resist black and white photos. There’s something special about them. They draw me in and remind me of a more simplistic world without buzzing phones and the ugly truths of the adult world: work and bills.


Above I said that rain is relaxing and romantic. Isn’t this a funny thought? The gentle pounding rhythm of raindrops is calming. The soft noise cancels out the traffic and annoying neighbors. The rain blankets us and seals us away from each, allowing us to reconnect with ourselves or spend time with our loved ones.


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