They’ve grown all along,

so big and so strong.

How are they wrong?

Standing tall and sprouting small,

rich with warm colors come fall.

In spring they bloom and then they loom,

bearing the winter’s ugly gloom.

Without them we’d be doomed!

Maybe one day they’ll be freed,

if not for our evil greed.

(Yes, I wrote this by myself! Well mostly, Patrick helped a little bit.)



I made this lovely tree for a short story that Patrick wrote. It comes out later in December. Anyway, I sketched this tree out so I wouldn’t screw it up. I’m always afraid of messing up a drawing after I get half way though it. Next, I painted the tree with some run-of-the-mill black paint. Nothing special. Then, I took chalk pastels and blended the background colors together.


I sat down the other, still needing another tree to post today. After thinking for a bit, I chalked this little guy. This is completely drawn out with chalk. I scraped the red and pink chalk with my finger nail and dabbed the paper, to give the leaves this textured look. The sky and grass, I just did my normal thing: I draw some lines and rubbed the chalk dust with my finger, smoothing it out.


One comment

  1. I like your artwork, Michelle. Although you used chalk as your medium, it was very neat and not smudgy. The red tree reminded me of a Japanese Maple that we had in our yard at my childhood home. Nice work!


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