Christmas Village

Every Christmas, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a Christmas village. Where you can create, your own little place filled with joyful people, cute little snow covered buildings, trees, trains and of course Santa! So, when I moved in with Patrick and our first Christmas together came creeping upon us I found out that he and his mother have collected pieces to this beautiful village since he was in middle school! I was so excited! I’ve wanted one of them for so long and now I finally got one. Christmas came and we opened presents shared laughs, smiles and enjoyed the morning together. Turns out that Patrick bought me my first camera, he’s amazing I know. Since last Christmas, I’ve got to explore and improve my craft. The opportunity to hone my skills is greatest gift he could have given me. Now that Christmas is coming upon us again, I thought it would be fun to take pictures (with the camera he bought me) of our lovely village especially since this will be the last Christmas that we’ll be setting up the village. We, unfortunately, have to move in the coming months.

So here are the pictures of our Christmas village. Sorry for the lower quality of the pictures
it was difficult to take decent picture since the dog was afraid of the flash and autofocus illuminator. He kept running around, trying to hide behind everything, even the wood-stove, which was red hot!



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