An Update on my Upcoming Novel(s)

First of all, there is a trilogy of books coming, but honestly, what else would anyone suspect?

I wrote the original draft for And So We Simply Survive when I was in the 11th grade. Since then, I’ve reworked it immensely. A year and a half ago I started this process. I completely redesigned the story. I expanded the story and added several main characters. I finished the manuscript last summer and took a break from it as I plotted out the sequel, The Capitalistic States of America. Since then, I have totally redesigned the story (again) and added more characters (again). I have the outlines and the basic design of the second and third books, I just have to go through and actually write them out. Be on the lookout, because I will post a sample from the first book in the next few months. Eventually, before they’re released, I’ll have samples of all the books on my blog.

Okay, this is where it gets trippy. The plot of my novel(s) and one of the main characters have come to life. In the original draft that I wrote in high school I had a character named David Taylar, who preferred to be called Taylar. He becomes a no-nonsense presidential candidate dead set on giving back to his community and helping the American people in any way he can. Sound familiar?

These details I added many about the election process should sound familiar too. Remember, I added these details during the fall of 2015 and winter of 2016. Taylar becoming the president after a very unconventional race. During the race he doesn’t listen to his campaign advisers, he even tells audiences that he isn’t going to listen to the managers because he wants to keep talking and interacting with the prospective voters. He runs as an Independent, not taking any money from donors. When he is not invited to town hall meetings or debates, he posts his answers to the questions on his social media page; which is his personal page.

As the world knows, this is more or less what happened in real life.

The backdrop of the story is modelled after contemporary America. There’s even a rampaging terrorist group that decimates various places in Europe as they spin a story about a new world order. The terrorist group, and their actions, are kind of modelled after real events. These were done purposely.

Before more of my story comes true, I wanted to make a public note stating that I basically wrote (predicted?) the rise and election of Trump. At this point, I pray the rest of my story doesn’t come true (even though some of it looks like it might).


Coming Soon (and I really really hope this year!)

A Gilded World

And So We Simply Survive

The Capitalistic States of America



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