Genuine Bravery and Courage Bloom in the Violence of the World

Once their putrid words dismantle our walls and better judgement, they begin writing the future. Once nasty individuals touch the powerful chairs and seats of the world, they begin molding and constructing their brand of the world. They toss away old friendships, and old allies. They cultivate new friends and allies, focusing on their narrow agenda. Disruption soaks through the world and the planetary rhythm is dissolved with their hollow words and crooked smiles. And these nasty individuals set down a new world order without bullets and hand grenades. They utter bold words, and cast a spell over the populations of the world. Dribbled, between their words, are flecks of disgust and hints of persecution. And from these nasty individuals comes a fear. Stabbing into our skin and steeping our bones, we become fearful. Our beings are corrupted by its suffocating stench. Bleeding from our lips, we cry out unheard. Lost in their vacuum of ego and self-importance, our words are dismissed as false reports, noise, and a blabbering whine of the younger generation.

But paradigm shifts are born from desperate courage and profound fear. World changing ideas are forged in a vacuum of malice and disgust. These ideas are hammered out and tempered by individuals wrapped in fear and powered by hopeful words. Genuine bravery is not created nor is it conceived. Genuine bravery and courage bloom in the violence of the world. They creep and crawl outward. Slowly, these emotions slink along our bodies until they are free to combat the oppressive fodder of the world. Standing in an extraordinary volume of death and misery the genuinely braves ones, packed with courage and wrapped in fear, ignite their fresh ideas and show the world what happiness and warmth are again.

Through happiness and warmth, come armies dressed in purpose and courage. Not desperate courage; but a unique and manufactured courage. Supplemented by the happiness and warmth, these armies cultivate a courage bred for one purpose: the removal and destruction of those nasty individuals who have come into power. From a long chain of protest or war, violence or peace, the nasty individuals will be overcome and outlasted. Their breath will be washed from our necks and their words scrubbed from our minds. Evil and decadence cannot remain in place for long, nor can malice and fear describe the world forever. The immaculate insanity of these nasty and wretched individuals will crumble under the weight of genuine bravery and desperate courage. The putrid words and nasty individuals can dismantle our better judgments and set the global rhythm to a beat they fancy. However, once the world is steeped desperate courage and profound fear, genuine bravery and courage shall bloom in the darkness, lighting the way with happiness and warmth.


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