Rambling Thoughts (1)

I don’t often write these conversational pieces. Sometimes I do, but they’re generally more informational. Recently, I was told (by my dear and loving mother) that I need to write these conversational/personal posts. I’d considered it before, but dismissed the idea quickly. I felt that I needed to write up more story-oriented, and much more serious posts. However, since I’m trying many new things, I decided to give these posts a try. Hopefully, I won’t lose followers or push potential followers away due to my horrific grammar and spelling skills.

With all of that out of the way, I suppose I should actually write something worth reading, or rather, something I think is worth reading. Yes, that is my bulletproof confidence shining through. Today, I want to discuss music. Simple enough, right? Everyone should be able to relate to it and whatnot. Awesome.

I’ve been very “into music” for several years. I was musically awakened around the same time I started writing. Naturally, writing and music are intertwined for me. I find beauty in the story telling that occurs with lyrics or instruments. I see stories and themes unfold in pieces written in the Romantic era. I really do enjoy music from this era. Think Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, it’s full of passion and thick sounds. I also see stories unfold in heavy metal songs or punk rock tunes. Sometimes the stories are told with lyrics and other times they are told by sway of the music and emotions it invokes. I love looking for some gorgeous string of notes hidden among the brutal complexity of a guitar riff. These gems are like the dainty raindrops bouncing off the window during a storm. Their melody glows, and add this realm of innocence to the burly clouds striking the world with lightening.

I could go on and mention a few bands I listen to or composers I like. This would be an embarrassing addition to my blog, since it would show everyone just how much of a “fan-boy” I am. I could also go on with examples of how much this song or these lyrics mean to me, but again, I would be showing the world how much of a fan boy I really am. Plus, if I listed either of things, this post would be unbearably long. So, to close out this first rambling, I think it’s best to ask for forgiveness if you hate reading these conversational pieces. I will still post other, storyish writing! Don’t leave. However, if you enjoy them, I plan on doing more, so follow along please.

One comment

  1. It is interesting to see what makes you tick, Patrick. I would have liked to know what bands you are into since I am a music lover myself. Branching out of your comfort zone oddly enough will only enhance your writing skills.


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