Episode One Kraig With a K Preview

This is a small selection from the first eBook in my Kraig Monroe series. This is also my first attempt at trying to write a series of stories that are with out a doubt connected. In short, this story is about a former Marine (and convict) who is working as a small town mechanic. Everything is peaceful until something goes wrong the semi-secretive local facility. This causes Kraig life to turn up side down as the a new world is opened up to him. This new world promptly pulls him in, forcing him on more adventures. Totally cliche? Perhaps, but these are fun short (16,000 to 18,000 words) stories with some twists and turns that seem to keep people entertained. Everyone that’s read them likes them at least. Please leave you comments and thoughts!

This series is currently ONLY available as an eBook, although I plan on releasing a physical copy in the future. The Kraig Monroe series can be found on Amazon 


“Why me?” Kraig asked not backing away.

“Have you told your wife about Baghdad?” Harry asked.

“No,” Kraig said flatly. “I buried it.”

“Baghdad?” Evelyn questioned.

“Why not?” Harry asked. “You have potential.”

“That’s what my Commanding Officer said then,” Kraig said taking another step forward. Harry cocked the hammer back on his pistol.

“Stop moving or I’ll shoot them,” Harry said sternly.

“Alright man,” Kraig said raising his hands. “But why would you shoot Evelyn if you came here to rescue her?”

“Maybe she died in the evacuation. Maybe the creature got her. Maybe you shot her,” Harry smiled. “It’s happened before yah know.”

“Actually I wouldn’t. When I was in Baghdad and shit hit the fan, I got everyone out alive,” Kraig said truthfully.

“And you killed about a dozen insurgents,” Harry stated.

“Fourteen,” Kraig said firmly. He lowered his hands slowly and relaxed his body. “Fourteen.”

“That’s why I came here Kraig,” Harry said lowering his handgun. “I wanted to talk to the badass-Kraig-with-a-K that put down fourteen hostiles inside the Green Zone and then carried the injured out. That’s the man I wanted to talk to.”

“Fine. Let them go,” Kraig said motioning to his wife and son.

“Tommy take um to the MRAP outside,” Harry said holstering his gun. Tommy shot Harry a dirty look, but he escorted Evelyn and Landon outside.

“Now Kraig,” Harry said. “I want to offer you a job. I want you to come be a Security Agent and work with me.”

“Do I have to wear those dorky Army blouses or can I wear real clothes?” Kraig said with traces of sarcasm.

“I read your file before I came out here. It said you were sarcastic, but it didn’t say you were a pain in the ass,” Harry said with a smile.

“My file?” Kraig asked.

“The company puts together a file on perspective employees, employee’s families and so on. We have to know who we are dealing with after all,” Harry smiled. Well that is a bit much. Kraig though grabbing a chair and sitting in front of Harry’s desk.

“You know,” Harry said. “You and Tommy could be a team somewhere. Undercover Agents, we call them. You guys could protect our scientists in the field when they’re off duty.”

“And what if I liked my small job at the local mechanic shop?” Kraig asked.

“Then we plant evidence in your home and send you back to prison. Felons aren’t allowed to have guns after all. You’ll do some serious time. We’ll keep Evelyn as long as we can, then we’ll kick her to the curb. Oh, and Landon will end up in the foster system for sure,” Harry said calmly. His words flowed with in ruthless and fluid stream. He meant every word he spoke. “Or, maybe one of them will die in this evacuation.”

“You keep saying that, but I didn’t see anyone being ferried out,” Kraig said.

“It starts at dawn. We haven’t given the word yet,” Harry said. “It will happen. If I can’t oversee it, Tommy will step up. I trained him well. My second in command was the gruff fella that brought you in here, Henderson. He’s a good guy after you get past his gruff, work-oriented side. He was a Marine like you actually.”

“Oh really, because I still am,” Kraig said. “We’ll have to do coffee sometime.”

“That’d be cute,” Harry said dryly. “Now, Kraig I need you to focus, like a good doggie. I need you think about this job offering. It will expire once this situation wraps up. After that my boss will most likely hang you out to dry.”


  1. Wow, Patrick! I really enjoyed this! It reminds me an awful lot of a program that I am very fond of called Burn Notice. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is about a spy who has been burned and the circumstances he finds himself in. The dialogue is very much like what you have here. I look forward to seeing more of Kraig with a K.


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