Vampire Romance

Blood shot eyes of the night entice my veins with spice and fright.

Rosy red lips of the night whisper and enchant my bones with fright.

A longing stare and an awkward silence,

bleed away into passionate compliance.

Stolen away I was seduced by her trance,

and offered some lovely vampire romance.

“Bite my lips when you kiss, pull my hair till I scream with bliss.

Surrender to my darkened ways for pleasure all these days.”

I sampled her charming potion,

and fell for her damned devotion.

I was a victim to the Queen of the Night,

surrendered by her beauty and bite.

With blood shot eyes I stalk this town by night,

burning away innocents with love not fright.

These thirsty lips whisper in cold silence,

savoring the taste without violence.

But once my eyes dig into you with a longing stare,

the lust and romance shall start to flair.


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