“It Was a Pleasure to Burn”

Ray Bradbury’s opening line to Fahrenheit 451 seemed like a fitting title for this post.

During the last two weeks we have been quite busy. We’ve been packing and sorting through old things. After all, we are moving. The other day we burned old paper work and pictures…17036942_1259458874134516_1904209527_o17093089_1259458870801183_1862746973_o17091429_1259459900801080_1071392859_o17101355_1259460084134395_1996292325_o17035747_1259460087467728_1219840773_o


I never knew it could be so haunting to watch pictures burn.


The plastic blistered and stretched as the flames licked the photos.


The faces melted and the ink drown in the fire and ash.


Although it was chilly, windy and sad, it was a very beautiful evening to enjoy one of the last fires at our house.



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