A Portrait of Measurement and Wealth.

Science is cannibalistic. Science continually destroys itself and strives to cancel the current trend, always favoring the newer and more advanced ideas. In this sense, science is driven by the same relentless forces that fuel capitalism. Ever reaching, ever growing and always attempting to become something more, something better and more advanced. Forever, both are thirsty for more. One seeks Truth and knowledge, while the other desires profit and riches.

To discover the Truth, and to unearth bits of knowledge, science employs grand schemes. At times, it colors the world with filthy shades of evil and hate. Other times, science provides a deep understanding that adds to the fabric of life. Maintaining and preserving life is another routine set of activities scientists are responsible for accomplishing.

To gain profits, and horde the riches of the world, capitalism enacts great ploys. It grows business, providing the world with a universal medium of trade. Jobs come as the businesses expand, and these jobs bestow purpose onto the people. The need to work, rather the entanglement of a modern economy, becomes one’s purpose.

Capitalism succeeds in assigning duty and structure to our species, while the project of science is to uncover the structure of the universe. The two are married, as they lend their opinions to their respective subjects, inundating them with a significance dripping wet with calculated purpose.

How is such a beast controlled? Who might become the master of this portrait of measurements and wealth? With caution and deliberation.

Naturally, neither are perverted. Neither perpetuates moral wrongs, nor do they host evil within their bounds. However, the wicked and boundless penchant of the human race persists. The affinity for control and treasure weave themselves through our kind, stitching and molding our minds and hearts with ugly intentions. These tendencies corrode and damage many ideals, breeding confusion and death.

Coalescing, and melting together can cure these social ills. Conversing and debating different ideas and points of view will destroy any sour idea. Such poison will evaporate under the might of reason. Building a consensus is key to defeating rotten tendencies. Electing a custom opinion, one born through argument and discussion is how we come to be the artist behind the portrait of measurement and wealth.


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