Episode Four Kraig Goes to Michigan Preview

Alright, this is a little peek into the fourth episode of my Kraig Monroe series. This scene features the series antagonists. Hyneman is a slimy businessman seeking higher profits and Xavier is in charge of the Security Agents, the ultra tough unit that controls the experiments at the Foundation for Scientific Advancement. This scene actually vital to this series, as it sets up the events for the next two episodes.

This ebook, at the others in the series are located here on the kindle store if you are interested in purchasing copies (they are only .99 cents each). Please enjoy.



“Send the prick in,” Hyneman said without looking up. His secretary nodded and opened the door. A man dressed in green fatigues walked into the office slowly. His hair was cut short and his voice was bold.

“Xavier,” Hyneman greeted his guest.

“It happened again,” Xavier said. He was clearly unhappy with the news.

“Where now?” Hyneman asked.

“Northern Michigan,” Xavier said. “Only the lead scientist was killed.”

“Could be worse,” Hyneman looked up at his guest. A layer of fat underneath Hyneman’s chin pooched out over his collar. It wobbled back and further as he talked.

“Lance called me and then he came into my office,” Xavier said. “He has evidence that Kraig and Harry are conspiring against the company. He has a recording of the conversation on his phone.”

“Then kill them Xavier, I am busy with paperwork!” Hyneman said, finally blowing up.

“They are two of the best Security Agents I’ve ever seen,” Xavier said sternly. “They are patriots and brilliant assets.”

“And they appear to want to bring doom upon our fine establishment,” Hyneman said glaring at Xavier.

“I don’t think we should simply kill them sir. We can’t knock people off every time we have a problem. I’ll come up with a plan,” Xavier said stepping away from the desk. “I’ll do it discreetly.”

“Wait,” Hyneman said standing up. His gut, which generally was slung over his pants, was bound tightly by his dress pants. The black material concealed his belly. “Have Lance take Kraig, Tommy and Harry up to that facility. Have them, investigate it and what not. Then, have Murphy take them out.”

“You want me to call a hitman and have him deal with our problem?” Xavier asked, trying to hold back a laugh.

“He’s a mercenary, not a hitman. Hitmen are slimy assassins that take out cheating husbands and wives. Murphy worked for us for years,” Hyneman said bluntly. “He’s still one of my boys; especially if I offer him some money.”

“Are you sure? That sounds pretty public,” Xavier stated.

“What do you mean?” Hyneman inquired.

“It doesn’t sound discreet,” Xavier explained. “Are you sure you want to have Murphy kill them at one of our facilities?”

“I’m very sure,” Hyneman winked.

“Then, I’ll get on it,” Xavier said. He left Hyneman’s office and headed back to his office, still unsure of Hyneman’s exact intentions


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