Such Beauty

Michelle and I teamed up again. This time, she took pictures at For-Mar, a local park and nature preserve. I walked around with her, staring off into space and looking at the water. It always mesmerizes me with its rippling surface. Then, the natural architecture catches my eye, pulling me in further. I’m totally captivated by the beauty, the detail and our struggle to control it all. Meanwhile, Michelle is a hundred feet behind me taking pictures of fish or bugs. I suppose everyone has their own way of appreciating nature’s craftsmanship.

Please enjoy the words, and the pictures.


The pen cannot capture the most charming details, nor can it acquire the finer elements. These splendid bits of nature cannot be confined, nor can they be apprehended by our technology. Such beauty is free and impossible to restrain.


There is a gross perfection hidden within these crooked lines. It runs and jogs, lacing its way across the ground. It eats away the electronic webbing that cements our mind in the present. It steals our imagination away from the dull, technicolored screens.


Rather than being forced upon our senses, these enchanting qualities gently stroll into our mind. They don’t clear cut room for a nest, nor do they rub out all other ideas. They merely enter and relax. And in turn, these subtle notions erase their competition.


Chemical smells, and carefully critiqued formulas, all garnered from experimentation and quantifiable data points. Gorgeous tastes, and exotic combinations, all engineered to light up a given section of the spectrum. Their unnaturally straight lines are perfected by a digital hand.


These ultra-minute and finely tamed beasts stink of digital residue, as they were handmade from the most advanced computer systems. They are microscopically enhanced and manufactured to please.


Under the microscope, even the neatest details come to be tarnished with the scent of discovery. Flashed and recorded, they are tagged by our cruel hand. The flair of mystery is dissolved. The spark of inquiry vanishes, and is replaced by a data point.


Once the finer details have been identified, they become embellished with a scientific tag. Though they cannot be replicated by our hand, or our pen, they can be categorized. We can attempt to understand them, even if we cannot remake them in a synthetic wash.


And so, the natural beauty remains free and unbound, untouched almost, even though it has been classified and marked on a graph.DSCN2362.JPG


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