A Little About Episode Five Kraig Gets Revenge

Episode Five Kraig Gets Revenge is the next installment in my Kraig Monroe series. It is darker, and more dramatic than the other episodes. There is more violence, chaos and pain. It’s also a tad bit longer. Kraig retains his badass nature in this tale, although he is a bit rattled. The events of Episode Four have left him scattered. I’d rather not give anything away, but I suggest you check out Episode Four, as Episode Five directly follows the crazy events in Michigan.

Episode Five is the final episode I plan on writing. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be more adventures and heroics for Kraig and his gang. In fact, I want to write longer stories featuring these characters. I enjoy spending time Kraig and his friends. Naturally, I don’t want to abandon them. I want to reunite with them and see how they grow and mature.

When I set out to write Episode Four, I planned on creating a second trilogy. That didn’t work at all. I wrote Episode Four quickly in between Fall and Winter semesters. I didn’t really think about the direction of the series, I just put words down. In the end, this actually worked out really well. If I had devised some great scheme, I never would have planned to end Episode Four as it does. Episode Five would have turned out very differently as well.

When I started writing Episode Five I knew it was going to be the last episode. I knew how the story was going play out, and I mostly had an idea of the ending. Then, after only ten-thousand words I had put down everything I had wanted. The story certainly wasn’t done. I hadn’t yet decided on how to end the saga. In fact, it was backed up into a pretty good corner that I didn’t quite know how to wiggle my way out. I wasn’t in a corner, per say, the characters pinned in a corner and I didn’t know how to write them out of it.

In the end, I did what I always did with this series; I let the characters guide me. The imaginary people liberated me, and in doing so set up the end of the series. I connected the dots, figured out how to wrap everything up and make it all sound pretty.

Episode Five will be out soon, please follow me on Facebook for more consistent updates. I will post a little preview soon, so stay tuned!

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