Episode Five Kraig Gets Revenge Preview

This is the last “episode” for Kraig and the gang. After this, I am taking the series to the next level. This eBook comes out on July 27th, you can pre-order it here. I have other previews of this series on here as well; one from Episode One and one from Episode FourPlease check them out and glance through the books on Amazon. These stories are all thrilling short, and cheap. I wanted readers to be able to enjoy them on a phone or tablet with ease.


Bullets were slicing through door and the walls surrounding it. The Security Agents were suppressing their target as a smaller force flanked them. Soon, they would be crashing through the walls, ceiling or windows. Kraig crawled to Tommy and Harry quickly as he was showered with drywall dust. Behind them, the glass resembled a spider web. The bullets were eating their way through the glass.

“That’s thick glass,” Tommy said loading a few shells into the shotgun.

“That it is,” Harry said. “I think Hyneman is a little paranoid of snipers.”

“Exit plan?” Harry asked Kraig just as he reached them.

Bullets ricocheted off the floor and walls. The office seemed to shake violently as the hurricane of bullets fluttered overhead.

“The wall,” Kraig stated. Neither Tommy nor Harry were sure if Kraig had uttered a suggestion or question.

“Yeah, great idea,” Kraig reassured himself reaching for the closest dead Security Agent. His fingers gripped the vest, allowing him to drag her closer, all the while he hummed to himself softly. “Grenades, grenades.”

“Kraig,” Tommy said watching his friend work. “That’s a bad idea.”

“Really?” Kraig asked looking at Tommy. “Got any good ones?”

“Cook it!” Harry yelled as a flashbang landed on the other side of the desk. Kraig pulled the pin and held the small explosive in his hand. He was waiting a few seconds for the fuse to burn so the grenade would blow up when it hit the wall, rather than have it roll back their way.

Kraig lobbed the baseball sized hunk of metal toward the far corner of the office. It landed near where the wall and window met. A second after the device landed it exploded, blowing a hole in the wall big enough for them to crawl through. The explosion also blew the windows out and mangled the floor.

“Yeah, that looks unstable,” Kraig said staring at the floor. There appeared to be a large hole in the floor, equally as big as the one in the wall. “Maybe it was a bad idea.”

“Too late, Tommy you first,” Harry ordered. “Go.”

Tommy sprinted forward and dove through the hole as Kraig and Harry fired out the door. They were trying to repel whatever attackers might be coming through the door, as well as trying to stop the machinegun fire. Kraig turned to reloaded and grab the Security Agent’s last two grenades.

“Just in case,” he shrugged. “Harry, go!”

Harry glanced at Kraig. His eyes seemed to plead him to go, but he didn’t disobey. Harry ran and dove through the hole as Kraig fired off another magazine. Thirty more rounds. he thought to himself. Kraig shook his head and pushed all thoughts out. He pulled the pin on another grenade, stood up and tossed it out the door. He jumped for the hole, firing his ACR. An explosion sounded somewhere in the central room, offering Kraig some comfort. He hit the ground, ditched the ACR and wiggled his way through the hole.


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