When We Choose

In the darkest, and most distorted moments, we can appeal to our firearms and bombs, or we can appeal to compassion, and our capacities for tolerance, respect and hope. We can pick up arms or we can pick up one another.

But in those moments of pain and terror, we are doing more than deciding to fight or help. We are choosing to cast violence onto another. We are choosing whether or not we are going to spew brutality from our rifles, and drop it square on someone’s head. We are choosing between the systematic, and savage ways of war and a more measured, relaxed solution. With fighting, comes a lapse in communication, and without communication, comes a naked void caked with fear, and lies. A gloom hangs over these twisting pathways, and piles of the dead.

Once silence infects this world, evil will ravage our bodies, dissolve our minds and pillage our hearts. Without discourse we are blind, and we are alone. Hope does not bloom in a world where the colorful halls of the orator are stained in blood and greed. Without conversation focused on preserving peace, ensuring the health, and wellbeing of all human beings; there is no hope. Love cannot exist in this vacant world, nor can respect. Our tolerance will be slaughtered, along with our chances of a brighter tomorrow. Without dialogue, there is no hope for peace, and there is no future.

If we seize our weapons and fly off to combat, we have decided to embrace a fictitious romance. We will have been seduced by war and violence. Perhaps it was the lust for murder that stole our hearts. Maybe it was the enthralling jolt of roaming in a faraway land, with a rifle at the ready, that spoke to our minds. But we have also chosen to embrace the vicious emotions that come flooding in long after the adrenaline has ceased. We have chosen to make our citizens into brittle, and broken individuals. We have chosen to harm them; and even to kill them. And still worse, we have chosen to murder so many others.

In the darkest, and most distorted moments, we can appeal to violence and settle the score, or we can appeal to a future foaming with peace and tolerance.


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