Survival On this Pitiful, yet Gorgeous Blue Planet

“Your face was always beautiful. You were good looking from an early age, though I know you would never mutter such words. You’ve long since stored your ego somewhere, and forgotten about it all together.” The words seem to spill from my lips, sewn together by fear, love and determination.

“Perhaps that’s what I first found attractive about you, the humble atmosphere stewing in the air around you. It was relaxing, and my nerves were always hushed when you came around. Every time I’d see you, the anxiety that rode through my veins lapsed. It melted away, suppressed by your personality and grace.” My lips etched some indescribable portrait. They carved it out of tomorrow, carefully detailing the colors with a vigorous passion.

“When I’d see you on the street, a frightful notion always over took my being. I never dared a second glance at you. But, out of raw beauty and enthrallment, I could feel you scratching at my eyes, begging me to look again. It pried and pressured me, somehow, to look back and take you in. Once I did that, I sank into you.” My words were coated with a silly charm, or so I hoped. They felt unrehearsed, lame even. Perhaps they were dull and routine. Perhaps they were childish. I didn’t care.  “I was consumed by a ravenous desire to stay with you, despite what plagues swept across the world, and our bodies. I belonged to you, or so I promised myself.”

“And then, even though I was already taken by your gorgeous spirit, I discovered additional reasons for our relationship. As always, they were disguised as something dark and gloomy, but to me, they’re your most splendid qualities. There was something enchanting about the way you looked at the world, I always knew that. Everything was cast in a hideous grey mold, you told me once. Sure, there were colors, joyful tendencies and happy times. However, overall, you saw the world as though it had been staked down and plastered with some relentless coat of dust. Every action, and every word uttered, you said, were made by someone choking, someone unable to think straight and clear. In your eyes, you saw us as an unfortunate collection of people, stranded on this pitiful, yet gorgeous blue planet.” The painting my words had been erecting was nearly complete. They relaxed, and took a moment to reflect on their word as my heart thumped uneasily in my chest.

“Somehow, with this unique gaze, you captured my heart and pulled me in so close I could not escape. Your embrace is inescapable, should I wish to break away. But I did not, I cannot. I am here to stay.” The hair on my arms danced briefly, and then froze vertically. Electricity snaked across my skin as I spoke.

“Every fiber of your being, is stoked with melancholy. Comfort infects you in the dreary seasons, and rainy days. Your outlook on life is nasty, and completely overrun with depressing thoughts. Some would have toss you aside as a sad sack, and some would forget you because of those wonderful, and humble roots I spoke of before.” My body felt as though it was rocking from the force of my heart smashing into my ribcage.

“Even with this sad outlook, and the oppressive weight slicing through your body, you persist. You try to remain square in your shoes, rooted in what you know, and in touch with all you love. You cut through this world, even as it slashes through you. You’ve been bent under the ugly weight of the world.  You’ve broken down, and crumbled away into jagged pieces. However, you always reassemble yourself. Long before I came along, you gathered yourself, no matter how horrifically the world shattered you.” This was it.

“That is why I cannot stray from your side. You’ve helped me find some central ground to plant my feet. You give me a base that’s firm, and stable. You helped rebuild myself, and make me who I am today. And, all of those darker thoughts and gloomy ideas helped. Even though our world is smothered with negativity, and twisted people, you showed me there is such things as color, joy and love. And these things, all of the happy things, they are radiant in this darkness. They’re unmistakable, especially if you have someone helping you stand firm and share the unending burdens of surviving on this pitiful and gorgeous planet. Will you marry me?”

Before me, her smile beams into my grey world, casting light across my body and warming me with the most enchanting, and gorgeous brand of love. Through a string of tears, she returns a kiss and nods. Her eyes are flared, dashed with joy, surprise and a cocktail of other glowing emotions. Unable to speak, she leans in for a hug, suppressing whatever traces of anxiety that remained in my veins.

Daily Prompt: Synchronize


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