My Betty I

my betty i

Oh, there she is! So, pretty. So so pretty. Oh, she looks pretty tonight. Warm fingers massaged Simon’s bones as his mind drifted about. Soothing notions moved along his skin, simmering the joyful pangs that ripped through his being. Wait! She’s wearing that skirt, and a nice shirt. Oh god, she’s done her hair! She’s going somewhere. She’s leaving me! She’s leaving me. That slut! Simon’s thoughts bloomed fangs as he watched his love dance and sway in her pretty clothes. A frown sewed itself to his face as he winced. Whore!

Simon retreated from the window and threw himself on the couch. He buried his face in a pillow and cussed at his love until he couldn’t take it.

I am so sorry my love. Please my Betty, forgive me. You’re not a whore. You’re a wonderful, beautiful, amazing girl. Forgive me! Don’t leave my Betty, please! Don’t leave me tonight.

As his mind and heart raged, his eyes were glued to her window across the courtyard. Betty was strolling back and forth, conversing with her roommate. Good, don’t leave me. Please don’t. I can’t bare it when you leave me. He turned his face back into the pillow, exhaling softly. He rocked back and forth slightly as he thought. She always leaves me alone. Why does she torture me so? Why does she leave me alone? I’m always alone. She doesn’t understand! But how can she not understand? She hates me. No she doesn’t! She doesn’t hate me. She can’t hate me! She loves me.

Simon shot a quick glance out his window again. He sat up and watched his love pace back and forth. The young woman was still in her living room talking with her roommate. Maybe I could go and talk to her before she leaves. Maybe I could catch her while she’s talking to her roommate. Oh, I hate that roommate of hers! I hate that girl. She’s mean and never cleans up. She makes Betty do all of the house work. She never helps my Betty with anything!

A loud angry sigh escaped Simons’ lips as he fiddled with his thumbs, pulling at a loose piece of skin that dangled from his finger tip. I have to go and talk to that roommate of hers and tell her that she has to help out. Betty can’t do everything! But she’s mean. What if she’s mean to me? What if she tries to hurt me? Simon laughed quietly at that thought. A sly look crossed his face as scenes of violence played out in his mind. That woman couldn’t hurt me. That feeble, selfish woman could never harm me. She couldn’t hurt Simon.

What if she tries to hurt Betty? What if she hurt Betty! My Betty. My lovely Betty. She could hurt my gorgeous Betty. Never! I can’t let her hurt Betty.

Simon gazed out the window, across the small courtyard between the apartments. Their building was fashioned after the letter “U”, with a small courtyard in between the two pieces. In the summer months, management would plant flowers and shrubs in the vacant space between Simon and Betty’s apartments. It added some color and vibrancy to the field between the two parts of the building. Without these few flowers, their building, and their entire complex was otherwise dull.

She’s gone! Betty where have you gone! No Betty, please Betty, don’t go. Simon scanned Betty’s window for her, but he didn’t see either her or her roommate. A swift motion on the ground level caught his eye. Betty was driving away in her car. No! Please come back! Come back to Simon. Please come back my love. Simon thought sadly. She always leaves me! Every day, she leaves me. Every day! It has to be that roommate of hers. That roommate makes her leave. She makes her leave me! I hate that roommate. I hate her. I HATE her! A heated fury rushed through Simon’s veins as he thought. This violent mix of passion and rage leaked through from his heart and seeped through his body, igniting each cell with a toxic agony. Simon’s fists snapped closed as powerful emotions swirled within his being.

Go make her roommate be nice Simon! Make her be nice to Betty. Make her be NICE! Simon thought pacing in a small circle around his living room. Make that girl listen to you and be nice to Betty. Persuade her to be a nice roommate. Make her listen and obey. Simon’s fists swung through the air as he marched angrily around his living room. They passed through the air with force as he made his rounds. Go make her be a nice roommate. Go now! Go talk with her while Betty is gone. Betty shouldn’t hear your private talk with her. Betty doesn’t need to know. Betty needs to be respected and adored. Betty is so pretty…oh, so pretty today.

“Simon, what are you doing?” a low voice called from somewhere in the darkness behind Simon.

“Na…nothing,” Simon answered quickly, turning about.

“Is her roommate gone yet?” the voice asked, getting closer to Simon.

“Yes, Betty is gone,” Simon said answering the question quickly again.

“Good,” the owner of the voice stepped into the light next to Simon. He was a tall handsome man no more than thirty years of age. “Tonight Simon, tonight we’ll have dinner with Lauren.”

The mean roommate? Why would we want that? Simon’s eyes must have signaled some sort of distress, because the man smiled and sighed at Simon.

“It’ll be okay Simon. I know you don’t like her, but she is…necessary,” the man grinned.


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