My Betty II

my betty

Lauren threw herself down on her couch and flipped on the large flat screen TV that sat before her. She smiled as the blank screen blushed with colorful images. Sound poured from the thin black bar that lay in front of the TV, bringing the show to life.

“Oh, it’s been a long day,” She complained slouching back into the soft cushion.

“What’d you do all day?” Betty laughed from the bathroom.

“That guy, the one from down the hall stopped by again,” Lauren smiled turning around and kneeling on the couch. “He totes wants me.”

“Oh really? The one with the mole on his cheek?” Betty asked poking her head out the bathroom door. “He’s got a nice ass.”

“No! That guy is ugly. Ew!” Lauren’s face twisted in disgust. “This guy is new, I think. I haven’t seen him around before. Anyway, he’s tall handsome, and he has a very sexy voice.”

Her eyes sparkled with delight as she pondered the possibility of a dazzling future with this mysterious handsome man. She explored her memory further, trying to recall every detail about her encounter with this dreamy man. A grin slowly grew on her face as she recalled the stranger in more detail. Those deep and adorable green eyes, stoked with what Lauren only hoped was a lust for passion. His flawless tan skin stretched over his firm body flooded her with warm and gooey feelings.

“Lauren?” Betty asked from down the hall.

“What?” Lauren asked as the mental pictures of the man dissolved. Her cheeks flared up as a slight case of embarrassment snaked through her body. “I wasn’t day dreaming about him, I swear.”

“Well, let me know if anything happens between you and this mysterious guy,” Betty joked. She already knew what Lauren had planned. Lauren had a system when it came to guys. A rather twisted and cruel strategy, Betty had once thought.

Lauren’s method was steeped in lust and sex, both are things that Betty enjoyed, but she preferred different ways of catching men. Lauren’s strategy was born from research, heart break and extensive trial and error. In the end, despite what Betty thought, her roommate always got her man and Betty was often left alone in her room listening to her roommate’s thrilling chants and calls.

“Oh, you’ll know!” Lauren giggled falling back onto the couch. Betty rolled her eyes as she finished touching up her hair. She was modeling her hair after one of the latest trends she discovered online. She often copied the styles from the latest fashion magazines, hoping she would find someone to call her own. Since she was a little girl she had dreamt of the day when she would live with her husband and have the most perfect relationship.

“Did you get his number?” Betty questioned checking herself out in the mirror.

“Duh!” Lauren fired back, as if the answer was clear and obvious.

“Then, I wish you a good time tonight,” Betty purred walking out of the bathroom.

“Tonight?” Lauren played the question off, despite the scarlet hue sprinkling her cheeks.

“Yeah,” Betty winked. “Do I look alright?”

“You always do,” Lauren said looking her friend over.

“Alright then, I’m off to service the good people of our fine city,” Betty said sarcastically curtseying before her friend.

“Ow!” Lauren cheered. “I’m a tiny bit jealous of your customers.”

Betty laughed as she gathered her keys and jacket. She waved to her friend as she popped the door open.

“And I’ll serve the good people of our city tonight too.” Lauren said, poking fun at herself. “Enjoy.”

Betty smiled, closed the door and locked the bolt.

After Betty left for work Lauren stood up and stretched. She contorted her body, popping the bones in her back. Relief flash through her being as a soft cracking sounded. She strolled into the kitchen and retrieved a bottle of her favorite wine from the refrigerator. It may have been cheap, but it offered a refreshing strawberry kick that tickled her fancy. She popped the cork and stole a sip directly from the bottle as she reached for a glass. She uttered a cheerful note, expressing her gratitude toward the delicious cold liquid.

She hummed a slow melody as she walked into her office, across the hall from the kitchen. She flipped the lights on and closed the door as she walked into the room. A smile crossed her lips as she sat down behind her desk. I’ve got it made. She thought looking around at her office. I work from my home! Work for a little more, then go out with that handsome devil from down the hall.

Lauren tried to focus her thoughts on work, but her mind resisted. It crawled back over his face, as she imagined drenching his firm body with kisses and love. After a few short, unproductive minutes she gave up and dialed his number.

“Hello,” Lauren began in a chipper tone. “It’s Lauren, from down the hall. Did you still wanna go out tonight?”


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