To the Last Year!

The end of summer is always frustrating, for me at least. I look back and see that I’ve wasted the last few months, almost no matter what I’ve accomplished. Last summer was no exception. Last summer I wrote the first three episodes to the Kraig Monroe Series. Alone, this changed how I write, because it gave a little and fun avenue to channel my creative energy.

Last September, I decided to toss my old blog and introduce a new one. This new one was weird and very different from my original. It was scary and I had no idea how to use WordPress. But, I had ideas and ambitions that required a better platform. Namely, I wanted to start making money with the blog. I wanted to have more contributors.

In January, I upgraded my site added advertisements and overhauled the blog. And so far, it has been worth the expense. Everything has gone very well. Michelle started adding her drawings, paintings and most importantly: her photography. Other family members have also added writing. I have even started writing more essays and social commentary-which I love doing.

I’ve learned how to track the growth of the blog as the charts and numbers swell. I can see the pennies trickle in each month as my views go up and down. It’s beautiful, and rewarding, in a bizarre way. I never thought I would enjoy the “business” side of writing, but it has become tolerable, where before it was dull, mind numbing and total guess work.

Hopefully, in the coming year I’ll collect more regular followers as this blog grows and continues to mature. Hopefully, I can have some contributors return and share their words with everyone.

Thank you everyone who has put up with my constant begging and nagging. Thank you for going to my blog and exploring. Thank you for sharing it and begging your friends to have a look. I could not do it without you.


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