My Betty VI

my betty 6


The room would have been a bland mix of beige and white, if Betty and Lauren hadn’t decorated. The carpeting and walls were both plain, ugly and sealed with a boring hue. A black couch sat in the middle of the living room, instantly stealing the attention of anyone who entered the apartment. The dark leather added a heaviness to the room, centering all focus upon its curvy features. Across the room a large TV was stitched to the wall. It was a shimmering dark void in the gloom.

The room was open and spacious. No walls divided the living room, kitchen and dining room. They were wrapped by four walls, and sectioned off only by furniture. After entering, one’s eyes naturally came to the kitchen, after focusing on the couch. The kitchen, though small, had been outfitted with a set of modern appliances. A new stove and hood lined the wall. The chromed surface seemed to glow in the moonlight. An island stood opposite of the stove, and a cute pot rack dangled over the prep area.

Following this large living room-kitchen, one would enter a hallway that forked off to the rest of the rooms. A pair of bedrooms, an office and bathroom. Overall, it was a large and roomy apartment. The girls thought the expansive rooms were a wonderful get away from the commotion of city life. They could unwind here, and be themselves.

The front door burst open with a fiery blast of laughter. Lauren led Steven into her apartment with a cheerfully ferocious smile. She entered, waving her arm across the room, showcasing the simple room to Steven. He stepped inside and was instantly taken aback at the scope and scale of the room. The ceilings, though boring, were tall. Oak beams shot across the ceiling, holding the upper floors in place and providing a warm accent.

“I like the place,” Steven admitted. “Very roomy.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Lauren said making her way to the bedroom. “I have to change out of this dress. Wait out here?”

Steven nodded as Lauren walked down a hallway unzipping the back of her dress as she went.

“I don’t mind,” Steven giggled to himself, gawking at her. Slowly, more skin was exposed as the zipper dropped. I don’t mind at all, he finished his thought in the quietness of his mind. He looked around the apartment, scanning the walls and pictures. They lined nearly every surface, collecting dust while displaying old and less agile memories.

“This feels much better,” Lauren said walking out from her bedroom. Steven turned around to find Lauren in a flowy short sleeve shirt and skintight pants. “How do I look?”

“Great,” Steven said approvingly. Lauren grinned as she pulled her hair back. The sound of the door opening tore Steven’s attention away from Lauren. “Betty, right?”

“Yeah, Steven, I suppose?” Betty said walking through the door.

“You’re home,” Lauren said softly.

“You thought I’d miss this?” Betty cackled locking the door.

“What?” Steven asked. He was suddenly confused, and slightly afraid, though he couldn’t tell why.

“You,” Betty said. “Lauren has been talking about you for a while. You thought I’d miss meeting you?”

“I don’t know,” Steven said taking his jacket off. Why me, he thought trying to dissect the conversation. He folded his jacket and laid it on the back of the couch. “Am I that important?”

“You might say that,” Lauren said yanking the cork out of a wine bottle.

“I am?” Steven asked, holding back his joy. “Do you think I’m that important Betty?”

“Certainly,” Betty said tossing her shoes in the closet.

“Really?” Steven said happily.

“Yeah,” Betty smiled. “Are you okay?”

“I’m so happy my Betty thinks I’m important!” Steven sang. “My pretty Betty thinks I’m important!”

“What the hell?” Lauren yelled slamming the bottle opener on the counter. Steven cringed and ducked at the sound.

“My Betty,” he said happily. His arm flailed as he pointed repeatedly at Betty. “She thinks I’m important. I love her so much, my Betty.”

“Your Betty?” Betty asked looking at Steven.

“He’s psycho,” Lauren scoffed. “I knew he was too pretty to be normal.”

“Yeah, Simon’s Betty,” Steven/Simon answered pointing to himself. He danced in place as he shook with excitement. “I can’t believe I’m with her!”

“Simon?” Lauren laughed. “Oh god, he really is crazy!”

“No!” Steven/Simon yelled. His lips curled down and his eyes narrowed into a pouting face. “Lauren is mean to Simon!”

“Alright man,” Lauren said sipping from a large glass of wine. She handed Betty a second large glass. She embraced the gift and took a lengthy swallow.

“Should we do him here, or out back?” Lauren sighed.

“Is he worth it?” Betty asked. “He seems kind of…slow.”

“Sure, but he’s still a man, and we haven’t had one in a while,” Lauren said, weighing her options.

“Fine,” Betty set her wine glass down. “Take him out there, I’ll be down in a minute. I have to change.”

“Come on Simon,” Lauren said standing up. “We’re going to go play outside.”

“No! You’re mean, I want Betty,” Steven/Simon repeated.

“Get off your ass and get outside!” Lauren screamed.

“No!” Simon yelled back. Lauren shook her head, cocked her arm back and punched Steven/Simon in the face. His body flopped back, hitting the floor with a thud. He was out cold.

“Now we can eat in peace,” Lauren muttered licking his blood off her fist.

“I wondered about that guy,” Betty said walking back into the living room. “I saw him across the courtyard, watching us and whatnot, but I didn’t know it was him.

“I should have known,” Lauren said picking up his hands. “It’s my job to know.”

“No, you’re still young. It happens,” Betty said opening the door. “You’ll learn in time.”

“I will,” Lauren said lifting Steven/Simon onto her shoulders. “I have all the time in the world.”


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