New Posts at the End of the Week

I spent the last few weeks researching and working on a project that I have come to call “I Know Death”. Through an emotionally charged narrative, I tell the story of my father’s death. It will be published at the end of the week, a few weeks before the fifth anniversary of his death. Taking this at face value, it may sound incredibly odd that I am willing to share such a personal, and traumatic event with the world. It also may sound weird that I am grieving so publicly, and openly.

However, I am sharing this story with the world because my father served as a United States Marine in the Vietnam War. From this conscripted service, he was gifted PTSD and cancer. Like the millions of US military personnel that served in this war, he was exposed to Agent Orange. The US government, and the companies that manufactured Agent Orange, still deny the existence of any links between exposure to this “tactical herbicide” and health issues. In addition to the narrative, I researched Agent Orange and wrote an essay about this nasty poison.

Starting on November 10th (The Marine Corps Birthday), I will post the first two sections of the story.  After that, I will publish a new section each day until the following Wednesday. I would post the entire project at once, but it is way too long to publish in a single blog post. As of right now, the story is about 5,500 words or ten pages.

Please do not forget about this story, or the numerous others that are so similar. Please share this post, and the ones coming at the end of the week.

ikd 5 my faith


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