I Have A New Book Coming Out

In the spring of 2018, while grinding away my time at work, the desire to pen a new story formed. I was tinkering with a completely different story that I always figured would be my first novel. Naturally, I didn’t want to start writing something else. But, after a few days I had to start this mysterious new story. I couldn’t focus on anything else. This random desire burned brightly, even though I only had a single word to go on: faith.

In the spring I picked up copy of Jean Paul Sartre’s Existentialism is a Humanism. In school, I never studied existentialism. I figured Sartre was a good place to start. In the end, I suppose it was an excellent place to start. After finishing Sartre’s speech, I started contemplating the value of human life. I’d thought about this in certain contexts in college. However, I hadn’t really thought about it outside of the medical ethics arena. It may sound bizarre, but this is where some of the basic notions of my novel came from.

A month or so after finishing Existentialism is a Humanism a desire started burning somewhere inside. I wanted to write a new story. I hadn’t been consumed with the creation of something totally new in a long time. Soon enough, this desire took over my focus, and one day I just started writing. I got to work early, opened my notebook and the plot began leaking out of my pen. It splashed all over the page, staining it. I couldn’t help it. It just flowed. This was in the middle of April. By the beginning of May I started typing a document titled “faith”.

After a few weeks of writing I had a story and no title. When I shared it with the first round of readers and they demanded the story be longer. It was finished, but it should have more, they declared. I had already started working on the last section by the time they sent me their remarks. After finishing this last section I added something to the top of the document that would eventually become title: Dear God.

Dear God is in the final stages of editing. I do not have a date yet, but I am shooting for October/November.


What is Dear God about?

I always find it difficult to explain my stories. I see them as tools to discuss a dense concept. To me, as I will explain more in a later post, this tale is largely about “community”, trust and faith. I always fear that my descriptions ward people of, because they sound like textbooks. But, I promise there is an interesting plot with characters interacting and whatnot. So far, its been approved by a few people.

In another post, I will shed a little light on this subject. However, for now, I will give you the working version of the description that will be featured on the book itself:

Quintin is a celebrated minister of the Independent Christian Church. Orson is a secular minister. On the surface, both men are radically different individuals. Yet, they share numerous beliefs. Most importantly, they both have come to the conclusion that human beings are losing faith in one another.

At the same time, something wicked is brewing within the Independent Christian Church. The ICC itself is gearing up to push for groundbreaking legislation: they want Congress to begin to chip away laws that separate church and state. Their end goal is to transform the United States into a theocracy.

Despite their obvious differences, Quintin and Orson quickly decide to pool their energy and spark a revolution to counter the movement sponsored by the Independent Christian Church.

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