“Dear God” Preview



Geoffrey sat in a nervous pool of sweat. His stomach cranked in a circle, twisting his breakfast into a wicked knot that threatened to burst from his gut. He checked his watch just to watch the seconds melt away slowly. Geoffrey respected the Council, however, they frightened him. Often, it was whispered, they put the fear of God in everyone they spoke with.

Geoffrey checked his watch again. The minute hand had barely advanced since he arrived at the Council’s office. Half an hour later a secretary called Geoffrey back to the meeting room, where he sat ten more minutes until three individuals entered. They were somewhere in their mid-fifties and stricken with average looks. The group comprised of two men and a woman. They took seats across from him and waited in silence. It was like they were watching for Geoffrey to speak.

“You had an inquiry,” the woman asked after a few minutes.

“I do,” Geoffrey said recalling the purpose of his visit. “I have a minister that might be rouge.”

“Rouge how?” the man seated furthest away from Geoffrey asked.

“He seems to want to sabotage our church. He doesn’t appear completely attached to the way the church works. He wants to change it.”

“What does he want to do?”

“He wants to preach what he wants.”

“Pitiful,” the man laughed.

“What a doll,” the woman said curtly.

“We have rules for a reason,” the second man scoffed quietly.

“He wants to help people on a spiritual journey,” Geoffrey continued. “He said something about being with them through pain and whatnot.”

“He can’t see the bigger picture, can he?” the woman shook her head. “What a shame.”

“He should be an easy fix at least,” the first man nodded approvingly.

“Which minister is he?” the woman asked after a moment.

“Quintin Tuckerman.”

Shock blew through the Council, shredding their calm attitude.

“Quintin?” the woman chewed his name slowly, as if digesting something tough.

“Correct,” Geoffrey said. “He’s been troubled for some time, I didn’t report him because he is so well loved by everyone. I didn’t want a media storm to ensnare the church.”

“You were right to delay your report,” the second man said. “However, you were also right coming to us now. Quintin will be investigated. We will put someone on him right now.”

“Do I have to submit a formal request and form?” Geoffrey inquired.

“Yes,” the same man continued. “We need a paper trail.”




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