“Dear God” Preview 2

preview 2

“Ah, how’s my favorite minister?” Geoffrey jumped off a couch that sat near the window. He was cheerful despite the somber mood of the room.

“Why do this?” Quinton motioned to the curtains and the fireplace.

“You know I like it dark,” Geoffrey stated as if he were offended. “I’m a night owl. You know that.”

“It’s my office.”

“And this is God’s house,” Geoffrey’s words were short and firm. Beneath them lie a tense foundation caked with a heated past.

“I suppose.”

“And God doesn’t like a messy house,” Geoffrey reminded Quinton. “Clean up a little, for the Man in Heaven.”

“Will do,” Quinton stated. Maybe I should clean up some, Quinton thought as he set his copy of the sermon on his desk.

“I’ve come to talk about today’s numbers. They were our biggest yet!” Geoffrey pumped his fist in the air. “Keep it coming! People are eating this stuff up!”

“Good, higher numbers are a good thing,” Quinton nodded. In reality, he didn’t care about the number of viewers. He didn’t care that more people than ever before had watched his sermon. It was a wonderful thing that people were hearing about God, but there was an emptiness to the numbers. They didn’t seem real.

“You’re saving souls Quinton.” Geoffrey seemed extra chipper today, but Quinton couldn’t tell why. The higher numbers had boosted his mood, but the numbers had been increasing a little more every sermon for years. Why is he so happy? Quinton pondered as he slid into his chair. “You’re doing God’s work! This is so exciting.”

“I know this,” Quinton said softly. “Why are you so gleeful?”

Geoffrey’s smile faded as he let out a small laugh. He walked over to Quinton’s desk and stood before him. “We’re getting more funding. We’re taking the show to the next level.”

“We’re already streamed around the world!” Quinton cried, losing his temper for a moment. Geoffrey retreated, clearly shocked by the outburst.

“Is there a reason you’re yelling at me? I said we are getting more money. This is a good thing. We are going to be taking God to more people.”

“I’m sorry,” Quinton apologized out of habit. He wondered if he truly meant it, he couldn’t be sure anymore.

“You better be,” Geoffrey said in a gruff manner. “You don’t mouth off to any of your bosses, and you certainly don’t turn down the chance to tell more people about God and His Glorious Truth. That is your purpose, remember?”

“I remember.”

You can read the first preview here or you can read a little more about the story here.

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