Contributing Writers


Sometimes, I’m an indie author with a passion for crafting stories. Other times, I am a Grad student working on a professional degree. In the moments when I am writing or studying, I am a fortunate husband with a loving wife. Most importantly, she puts up with my constant writing pursuits and need to talk about philosophy.

I absolutely love writing about social issues and controversial topics. I believe that people should discuss the subjects they’re afraid of and that challenge them. I think that if we all talked about the taboo things in life, we could root out all the evil and vicious themes from the darker corners of life.





Hello! I’m a photographer and artist, I always dreamed of sharing my art with the world but never had the courage to do so. I’d like to thank my loving boyfriend for giving me the courage I needed. So now I share my creativity with all of you. I hope you enjoy!





I am a former rapper, circus star and actress. My rap name was White-Momma. In the circus I rode a Byson, and jumped her through a flaming ring. I still rap at the local club on Friday nights. Hit me up if you wanna have a rap battle foo!





Reading and writing have always come easily to me. I greatly enjoy both, though I never pursued anything so bold as publication. I appreciate all life and feel I have a pretty good way with most. I take pleasure in the simple things that our existence has to offer and encourage others to do the same.





Carlie lives in Michigan with her parents, brother, sister, two dogs, bees, ducks, and her chicken Annabeth. She is currently home schooled and learning French, Spanish, and koine Greek. Her dreams are to have long hair, ride a horse, go to an Andrew Peterson concert, and meet her favorite authors. Carlie’s hobbies are reading books, coloring, and hanging out with her friends and family.

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