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I began my self-publishing career (on a dare issued by my mother) when I was in high school. I started the editing and publishing process around my 16th birthday. My first book was put together quickly without much research or forethought. However, it was my first attempt at putting my name out into the world. Since then, I have become a little better at formatting, marketing, and writing. I am, however, still next to useless when it comes to spelling and grammar.



*I have discontinued my first three books. They are not for sale anywhere, unless you contact me; I have a couple of hard copies leftover still.

“Experiments With the Written Word”, besides having an epic title, was born from utter sadness, total confusion, horrid amounts of stress and a brief dose of love. I forged many of the poems next to my father as he lay in bed, dying of cancer. While recovering from this terrible event, I immersed myself in writing (mostly terrible) poetry. Long story short, I graduated high school, started college and got a horrible job. The stress and pain I earned from all of these wonderful things boiled down into the words in this book.

“…This Side of Happiness” is a set of six short stories. There is a common theme running through these short tales: love. It takes on some form in every story as the plot(s) unfold(s). Sometimes, love is seen as the root of relationship between two people and other times it is seen as the only thing keeping someone alive in battle.

“The Confessions of a Formerly Despicable Man”, again has a wonderfully epic title. It is also a novella; yes, it is one story that takes 28,000 or so words to tell. It is basically about a man seeking redemption/salvation after he thinks he is partly responsible for a friend’s death. He knows that no legal charges will be brought against him, however, he fears that his god will reject him and cast him away. This, of course, seems to occur as he tumbles further and further into depression. Soon enough his life is in ruins and he is alone; save a therapist that his wife wanted him to see before she kicked him out of their home.

These books can be found on my Amazon Author Page. They are available as a hard copy and for your Kindle.

Last August I began to radically change how I did everything related to “my writing career”. First I wrote three short stories in a series and put them up for pre-order on Amazon . This series is currently only available as eBooks, although I am working to change this. I am also writing the final two installments in this series when I’m not burdened with large assignments and papers.

The Kraig Monroe series is very popular among the seven people who have read them. These are action, adventure stories about Kraig, a former Marine, convict and all-round family man. He is pulled into an unknown world of science and monsters after the local job center/super secret research facility blows up with terrifying screams and bullets.

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