What is “a look into me” really about?

When you read anything, I believe you are peering into the author’s heart and mind. When you read something here (or anywhere), you are getting a look into me: me the author. Therefore, reading and writing are very intimate activities that allow individuals the opportunity to get to know someone on an exclusive and personal level. When I write, I try to insert parts of myself into my writing. I try to make the story mine in some ways. Is this selfish? Probably. But, I think writers (and artists of all kind) look at the world through a unique lens. When we read their writing or look at their artwork, we can see the world through their lens. Diversity, and a plurality of culture and ideas are a good thing, right? I believe so. If nothing else, art gives us a glimpse at the world from another perspective. But when done well, art gives an entire new world view, through the artist’s lens.